Are you ready to do Good cultivation in this Aadi Pattam

July 15, 2021 0 Comments

Let us happily welcome this July – August (Aadi Pattam). This is the most favourable season for all farmers to do good cultivation. It is a boon for rainfed farmers.

Are you ready to do good cultivation in this season? There is a Tamil proverb,” ஆடிப்பட்டம் தேடி விதை” which means this month is best for sowing seeds. July – August is the season where it will not be too sunny or too rainy. A moderate climate will prevail. Most types of crops are cultivated during this season that gives good yield for the farmers. Because of good climatic conditions, the crops will also grow well during this season.

The attack of pests and insects will be less in this particular period. So, there will be good growth. In the summer season, the seeds will not germinate properly and the farmers could not get a good yield. So, this season will be a great month for the farmers.

So, what type of crops can be cultivated in this season?

This season, we can grow crops like Brinjal, Ladysfinger, Sunflower, Bitterguard, Ridge guard, Bottle guard, Spinach, Lettuce, Beans and all types of vegetable crops are suited to grow in this season.

This season is absolutely suitable to cultivate all types of vegetables and greens. The summer doesn’t have much growth during this season. During that season it is better to plough the land, as the land absorbs nitrogen from the air. Start to cultivate the crops after July 15, because when the plant starts to bloom there will be good rainfall and good weather condition.

What type of flowering plants can be grown in this season?

Aadi pattam - flowering plants

This season is also best suitable to cultivate flowering plants. Some of the flowering plants like sunflower, Zinnia, Marie gold, Dahlia etc, are grown during this season. It is better to cultivate these flowers after July 15, as when the plant starts to bloom there will be good weather conditions. These plants are also suitable for terrace gardening and also to decorate the garden.

Finally, in this blog, we came to know about the type of plants that can be grown in this season. Get ready with your land or garden to cultivate all types of plants and get a good harvest.

If you find this useful and are ready to cultivate in this season (Aadi Pattam), do comment below and contact us for more details.

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