Thank you for visiting our about page to know more about this Young Budding Farmers.

We are a team of budding farmers highly passionate about farming, working together to empower farmers’ lifestyle. As we are from an agricultural background we know how farming is important to the world and also in a mission to solve farmers problems. We found that only the organic farming method can empower the farmers’ life. So we are concentrating only on organic farming or natural farming method.

We are working through the paths shown by the Great Scientist, Dr G. Nammalvar, an Organic Farming expert who is the inspiration for many of the young farmers. He brought back the spoiled land into a well fertile land and gave a spark to farmers life. He is our great inspiration and moving through the paths led by him.

We are here to serve useful information to farmers and make their life easier with the use of technology. This site is going to be a site only for farmers where the farmers can also share their experiences in this blog and publish it in their own name.

Our Vision:

We are focusing on encouraging farmers to follow the organic farming method and produce chemical-free farm products. We are here to help farmers to earn more profit with less expense. And also to make children, the future generations understand the importance of farming.

Our Mission:

To gather all budding farmers and make them understand the importance of organic farming. To make farmers aware of smart techniques which make them sell their goods directly to customers without the help of middlemen. Encourage children to learn more about organic farming and make them produce food products by themselves. To encourage people to make more homemade products and provide more business ideas to market their products.

Even if you are interested in farming and willing to share your experience join our community and contact us for more information, we will reach out to you soon.