Top most Profitable Agriculture Business

Profitable agriculture business
May 5, 2021 2 Comments

Most people believe that agriculture is not a profitable business. But still, there are some agriculture businesses through which we can gain more profit. Apart from making a profit, we must have passion and love for farming. Only then we can get the expected results. And in this article, we are going to learn about some agriculture business that actually helps beginners.

Turkey Farming:

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Turkey farming is one of the most profitable agricultural business. It is the best alternative for poultry farming. Apart from chicken, these types of breeds have a good market. They are less prone to diseases and it is easier for beginners to maintain. It is mainly grown for its beautiful appearance, meat, and egg. In the initial stage, it will be difficult to maintain as we need to take good care of it and vaccinate it regularly to protect it from various diseases. But it gives a high return and it is always recommended to learn more, do a lot of research before starting turkey farming.

Dairy Farming:

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Dairy farming is the most profitable business. There is always an increasing demand for dairy products. Dairy farming needs some investment and involves lots of maintenance at the initial stage and requires some investment too. There are a lot of ways to earn profit in dairy farming. Even if there is no proper space to grow dairy cows, we can buy milk from farms and process it into butter, paneer and ghee, and sell it to the customers. We can use machines that separate milk and cream and makes the work easier.

Mushroom cultivation:

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Mushroom cultivation is one of the easiest methods of cultivation. This type of cultivation has been taken as a hobby by most of the homemakers and they are earning a good amount of profit from it. It is a kind of fungus where the mushrooms are grown from the wastes of chicken, horse manure, gypsum and wastewater. It can be harvested within three to four weeks after its growth. Button mushrooms, oyster mushroom and paddy straw mushroom are the three major types of mushrooms cultivated in India.

Organic manures:

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Organic manures are highly demanded products as many people started to move towards an organic way of farming. This doesn’t need much space and it can be prepared in the household itself. Even we can buy and sell organic fertilizers as lots of people who stay in cities and towns need organic manure for their garden, and to the people who do not have much knowledge on the preparation of organic manures.

Dried flower business:

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The dried flower business is a highly demanded business. It is easy to produce and process. It can be done in the household itself. The only activities involved in it is we just need to plant flowers in our own garden or collect different types of flowers, dry them, and finally, pack them for sales. These dried flowers are largely used in the preparation of bouquets, room decoration, wedding decoration etc. It is one of the most profitable agriculture business.

If you are a beginner and interested in doing agriculture it is highly recommended to do market research, visit your nearby farms and get guidance from them. Always start small, get experience from it and expand your farm. Only if you have passion and love for doing agriculture you will get the expected results from it.

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