Must know about the 7secret benefits of this Magical Plant(vetiver)

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You may be eager to know about that magical plant by seeing the headline and wanted to know its secret benefits. If I am right, I assure you that you will get to know about the magical benefits of that magical plant.

So, what is that magical plant? The plant name is Vetiver ( Chrysopogon zizanioides) which is also known as Khus. This plant belongs to Tamil Nadu, India. We usually know that the root oil of these plants is used in perfumes, but many are not aware of its uses and benefits. By reading this blog post you will learn about the important benefits of this plant. Let’s get started.

Biomass and forage:

It is a good source to prevent soil erosion. The roots of this plant grow deep into the soil and absorbs all the micronutrients deep inside and bring them to the upper soil. Vetiver has the power to absorb all the chemicals in the soil. If you want to change from the chemical farming method to the organic farming method, plant vetiver only once in your land as it absorbs all the chemicals of the soil and increases the biomass of the soil. This plant is tolerant of pests and insects. It produces massive biomass and makes the soil a well fertile one. Vetiver has vigorous growth and massive biomass under favourable conditions. It contains high nutritional values. It contains protein, potassium, fat, calcium, magnesium, sodium, phosphorus, iron, copper, manganese, zinc, ruminant. This is used as a forage crop for Cow, Buffalo, Goat, Pig, Horse, Kangaroo, Giraffe, Rhino etc., is also used to increase the milk-producing capacity of dairy cows.

Soil and Water Conservation:

This plant has special features like erect and stiff stem, forming a thick hedge, extensive, deep, penetrating root system. It is highly tolerant to extreme weather conditions like drought, fire etc, and it can withstand adverse soil conditions like salinity, acidity, alkalinity. Its root grows up to 3.3m deep into the soil. It retains the moisture content and prevents soil erosion. Farmers usually in tropical regions use this as a trap system to avoid the erosion of fertile upper soil. It maintains the moisture content which increases the groundwater level. It grows like a thick hedge and holds all the nutrients of the upper soil and prevents the soil’s erosion.

Pollution Control:

Vetiver plant flowers have no seeds. The flowers usually bloom once a year and are used in floral arrangements. Vetiver plant helps to avoid pollution. It is usually planted on the riversides to avoid pollution and is also used for beautification. It cleanses the dirty water and makes it freshwater. Vetiver is also planted on the lake banks for landscaping purposes. Vetiver hedges for erosion, sediment and runoff control can be incorporated as an integral component of general landscaping. It is normally planted near industries to absorb all the toxic gases from those industries.

Land Rehabilitation:

Vetiver grass can combine with other trees and form a thick hedge to avoid natural disasters. Vetiver system is an environmentally friendly method for land rehabilitation. This method is mostly followed in tropical regions to avoid massive natural disasters. It is a very cheap alternative method for other types of traditional methods. Many countries used this system for land rehabilitation. They highly benefit from this plant and it saved many countries from massive disasters.

Treatment for Contaminated Water:

Vetiver grass is suitable for wastewater disposal and treatment. It grows up to 2.5m tall with flowers. It flowers do not set any seeds. Researchers found that the vetiver cleaned 94% of blue-green algae in 4 days. This plant also cleans the industrial wastes disposed of through the water and is highly tolerant to extremely high levels of nutrients. It can even grow in high salinity conditions. Many countries plant this vetiver to treat toilet wastes and sewage wastes. When compared to other plants, vetiver can absorb more chemicals like nitrogen and phosphorous in the soil. A lot of vetiver projects like the Hydroponic treatment method are undertaken to clean the contaminated water and effluents. They got a positive result through that projects.

Medicinal Values:

Vetiver root has high medicinal values. Using it in drinking water provides good taste, acts as a disinfectant, provides good odour, and eliminates pathogens. Many herbal drinks are made using vetiver roots. It is mostly used for fragrance and aromatherapy. Vetiver gives a good source of energy and helps indigestion. The dry leaves of this plant are used to grow mushrooms and also to make artisanal products. It is an ornamental and environmental-friendly plant. There are a lot of vetiver products like soap, oil, cream etc. We can derive a lot of health benefits by using vetiver products. Some of the benefits like maintaining skin tone, reduces skin inflammation, balancing ph level, even skin tone, delays the sign of ageing etc.


Lots of people make handicraft products using vetiver roots and leaves. The roots and leaves of the vetiver plant are used to make a lot of handcraft products. The dry leaves and roots of vetiver are used to prepare products like fruit baskets, dolls, aromatic bath scrubber, sofa, dress, slippers etc. There are lots of products made using vetiver. They are eco-friendly and natural products. These products are highly beneficial to people and safe for our environment. There is a lot of small business firms whose livelihood depends on vetiver products.

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Finally, Vetiver has lots of immense benefits in it. It is one of the precious plants where people failed to know about its uses. I hope through this blog, you got a piece of new information and had a chance to know about this plant.

If so, let me know about it by your valuable comments.

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